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Employment Readiness Program (ERP)

Address: 830 Chisholm Ave. Fort Meade, MD 20755
Telephone: 301-677-5590
Fax: 301-677-2910
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


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The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) is committed to strengthening all military spouses and dependents - from the spouse of a senior officer, senior enlisted, or junior enlisted to military teens and college students.  The ERP enhances employment options through career counseling, vocational assessment, employment information, and employer referral assistance.

“ ... Employment Readiness Program Manager, Fort Meade…she went above and beyond expectations to help with updating and formatting my resume…Just today, I accepted a permanent, federal position, and know that I would not have been considered for it without her suggestions.  With sincere thanks”
- Sid Hall, US Army Military Spouse, June 2009

Areas of Services

  • Individual Career Counseling & Assessment
  • Job Search Preparation
  • Resume Review & Feedback
  • Federal Employment Application & KSA Coaching
  • Skills Training – e.g., Interview Preparation, Salary Negotiation,  KSA Coaching
  • Military-To-Civilian Life Transition Goal-Planning
  • Education & Volunteer Referral Information

Access to the ACS Discovery Center/Computer Lab:

  • Internet job searches and resume preparation
  • Resume writing software
  • Typing tutorial
  • Use of computers (CAC accessible), Wi-fi" and printers
  • Review job announcements from federal/local government, DoD agencies, contractors and private-sector
  • Unlimited access to web sites focusing on employers, employment assistance, education options, and volunteer opportunities.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR for “TUESDAY TRAININGS” to receive a wide-variety of classes throughout the year!

  • Classes are from 9a.m. – 12p.m. on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  Tuesday of each month
  • Registration is FREE to military ID card holders and Department of the Army civilians.
  • Call in advance to reserve your seat & confirm details.
  • Dates and times are subject to change.
  • Can’t make a class – call for an appointment on any topic.
  • To Register or for Questions?  Call (301) 677-5590
Resume Writing  (Around 1st Tuesday ea. month)

Come receive tips on creating winning resume styles and selecting the right one for your career goals.  Great for those who are new to resume development, as well as those who need a refresher.   Also learn about the power of writing cover letters and follow-up letters.

Federal Employment  (Around 2nd Tuesday ea. month)

Demystify the Federal Employment application process and become more competitive in your job search.   Learn how to understand vacancy announcements, developing your electronic federal resume, tracking applications and writing KSA's (knowledge, skill & ability) statements.

Interviewing Skills  (Around 3rd Tuesday quarterly rotation)

Learn the basic skills and best practices of interviewing so you can present yourself as the best candidate for the job.  Tips on dressing for success and maximizing your time at job fairs are included.

Job Search Strategies  (Around 3rd Tuesday quarterly rotation)

This workshop will help you launch an organized and productive job search by implementing various job search strategies. Make your job search a success by learning techniques to target your resume, maximize your networks and learn to be savvy in negotiating job offers. 

Career Exploration  (Around 3rd Tuesday quarterly rotation)

Using various assessment tools and techniques, learn about your personality preferences, values, and interests and how to use them for achieving personal and professional success

Additional Classes/Consultations:

Dress for Success
"Surprise! There are RULES to dressing for the interview and the workplace that can increase your chances of success, advancement, and earning power. Explore the how, what and do not’s for business attire.

Working a Job Fair to Your Advantage
Gain useful tips and advice on how making the most of a job fair.  Learn how to gather research and evaluate employers; prepare and practice your “30-Second Commercial” to market yourself; and prepare your resume for distribution.

Networking and Salary Negotiation
Discover how to tap into your personal, professional and untapped network; in addition to salary negotiation tips to strengthen your job search.


Military & Spouse Resources

Now Is The Time To Be A Military Spouse!

Special programs and services are available to military spouses to help them gain insight to career and personal employment goals; as well as ; receive education benefits through the Department of Defense or their sponsoring active duty military service member.


Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA.com):

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MYCAA) Program is now offering a maximum of $4,000 (with an annual fiscal year cap of $2000) to military spouses who are interested in pursuing degree programs, licenses or credentials leading to careers in high growth, high demand portable career fields.

Eligibility:  For spouses of service members on active duty in pay grades E-1 TO E-5, W-1 TO W-2, AND 0-1 TO 0-2 who can start and complete their coursework while their military sponsor is on Title 10 military orders, including spouses married to members of the national guard and reserve components in these same pay grades. 

MYCAA Fact Sheet



Post 9/11 GI Bill:

This new education program provides eligible service members with 36 months of educational benefits; and provides them the opportunity transfer unused benefits to a spouse, two children or any combination (children cannot start using the benefit until they're 18 or have a high school diploma or equivalent; and are only eligible for the benefit is they are  enrolled as full-time in college up to the age of 21 years.  Service members can add names only while on active duty, and not after separating or retiring from active-duty service. – click on Post 9/11 GI Bill.


DoD Military Spouse Preference Program (Program S) 

DoD Military Spouse Preference Program (Program S)  is a subprogram of the Priority Placement Program (PPP) and provides employment preference to military spouses bBy giving them priority in the employment selection process.  Program S works to reduce the impact of frequent relocations on spouse's careers.

ELIGIBILITY:  Spouses of active duty Soldiers and full-time National Guard or Reserves who meet the eligibility requirements contained in the DoD Priority Placement Program Manual, Chapter 14, are eligible to participate in the Military Spouse Preference Program.  Spouses may register with the losing activity 30 days prior to the Soldier's PCS reporting date and spouses and dependents should be listed as accompanying the Soldire on the PCS orders. 


Sponsorship Opportunity
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