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***October 2015 is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month ***

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    The Family Advocacy Program, (FAP), emphasizes prevention, education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention and treatment of spouse and child abuse. In addition, a variety of services is provided to soldiers and families to enhance their marital relationships, develop their relationship skills, parenting skills, and improve their quality of life. This mission is accomplished through a variety of groups, seminars, workshops, and counseling and intervention services. Seminars and workshops are available to individuals, couples, units, and Family Readiness Groups. Unit commanders are encouraged to contact their Family Advocacy staff to schedule seminars that meet their specific need.
    The FAP program offers the following programs:

    Victim Advocacy

    24/7 Hotline: (240) 688-6918
    The Victim Advocacy Program provides support and assistance to each person who is a victim of domestic violence or child abuse. Advocates may provide crisis intervention to soldiers/family members in emergency situations. Cases involving family violence intervention that need long term treatment and follow-up are referred to Social Work Services.

    Troop Education/Unit Training
    Required by IAW AR 608-18 annually. This consist of education by FAP personnel on the family dynamics of spouse and child abuse, the availability of prevention and treatment services, and the Army’s policy regarding Family Violence. Training is required annually and is available upon request.
    Contact FAP Program at (301) 677-4118 for information and to schedule training.

    Command & Senior Leaders Brief
    Required by IAW AR 608-18 for all senior enlisted advisors and commanders within 45 days after appointment to a command position.
    *Provides information, education and awareness in the prevention and treatment of child abuse within the military community.
    *Increases awareness of command responsibilities for identification, reporting and coordination with CRC.
    *Provides an overview of the Sexual Abuse Response Program.
    Contact FAP Program at 301-677-4118 for information and to schedule training.

    Education for Professionals
    Provided to mandated reporters and other personnel who work with children on the identification, reporting, and treatment of child and spouse abuse; the referral process; available programs, services, and resources; and the prevention of family violence.
    Contact FAP Program at 301-677-4118 for information and to schedule training.


    Parenting Education and Support

    New Parent Support Program Plus (NPSP)

    Serving expecting families and families with children under 36 months... Provides in-home visitation, therapeutic support, information/referral, and resource assistance to military families. NPSP attempts to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect through community education and the promotion of healthy family functioning. Offers a variety of parenting education and activities.

    Every Tuesday morning when school is in session at Youth Services, 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Through developmental activities, crafts, circle times, and free play parents and children develop family wellness, build support systems, learn stress management and form new friendships. Open to military parents and children birth-36 months. For information call ACS (301) 677-5590.

    Babease Boot camp
    Every other month, from 8:30-3:30. Babease Boot camp is a series of workshops on a multitude of parenting issues: Routines, potty training, effective discipline, developmental play, breast feeding tips, just to name a few. For information call ACS (301) 677-5590.

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