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Fort Meade
Army Community Service


Relocation Assistance

Address: 830 Chisholm Ave. Fort Meade, MD 20755
Telephone: 301-677-5590
Fax: 301-677-2910
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Newcomers and Spouses Orientation
Held every Wednesday from 07:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Army Community Service. This orientation is focused on welcoming newly arrived service members and their spouse to Fort Meade. Spouses can tour the facility obtain firsthand knowledge of available programs and resources. 
Sponsor Training - Link to eSponsorship Application & Training
Are you going to be a sponsor? If yes, you should call the Army Community Service and sign up for your mandatory sponsorship training. Classes are offered the second Thursday of each month from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Here's your opportunity to become a great sponsor.
Culture & International Spouse Classes

Held quarterly at Army Community Service. Come and learn about the Korean, Japanese, Italian, European language, food, tips on moving and living overseas and much more!

International Spouse Classes: This is an informal fun class for foreign born military spouses to learn about American customs, culture, food, information on English as a Second Language, Citizenship, Visa & more.

Class dates are: From 0900-1000 on 2 Jan 15; 3 Apr 15; 10 Jul 15; 2 Oct 15 (Dates are subject to change).

***For registration contact the ACS Relocation Office at 301-677-5590.

The mobility of the military lifestyle affects all members of the military; single; married; single parents and children of all ages and even the family pets!  The ACS Relocation Office can assist you in obtaining current information and making your move a smoother one! To sign up for classes or for more information on your relocation questions, contact the Relocation Office at 301-677-5590.

Arriving or Departing Fort Meade, remember the Lending Closet
If you need a few household items: pots, pans, toasters, coffee makers, folding table and chairs, and more, the Lending Closet is for you.  Items loaned free of charge for 30 days to those with PCS orders. Lending closet closed on Wednesdays from 7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Newcomer’s Orientation to Fort Meade
Military Spouses, get connected quickly to your new community as speakers from different organizations at Fort Meade, give you the most current information, including MWR and ACS.
Welcome Back to the USA Reverse Culture Shock
Reverse Cultural Shock is real. Learn the signs, symptoms, and tips on adjusting back to the United States after being stationed overseas and start enjoying all the exciting things at Ft Meade!   
International Spouse
“U.S. Culture” is an information workshop on U.S. customs, holidays, and information on American Citizenship.  Plus Volunteer Opportunities are available to International Spouses to help teach classes on their country.  Open to all Foreign-born spouses.
Sponsor Program Training
Make the difference to an incoming Soldier, be an informed Sponsor! Learn all the Points of Contacts and how to access all the current local information on Ft Meade and the surrounding area. Classes held at ACS monthly, please call to sign up.
Become a Relocation Volunteer

We need fun volunteers with great customer service skills in assisting customers with Loan Closet items, administrative duties and our relocation classes.  Contact the ACS Relocation Office at 301-677-5590.

Children’s Relocation
The Relocation Office offers free reading material, scrapbooks, and coloring books on moving to help children express themselves on their relocation concerns.
Fort Meade Teen Sponsorship (Arriving)
MWR CYS Teen Center and Relocation have partnered to help get your teen linked up in their community with supportive other teens.  After your teen is settled, have them volunteer to be a Teen Sponsor!
I Moved Too (Arriving)
A mini orientation for children new to the Fort Meade area. Also a chance to discuss feelings about the move and to get excited about living at Fort Meade!  
I’m Moving Too (Departing)

A pint-sized PCS workshop for children leaving the Fort Meade area.

Important Tip: School Liaison Officers (SLO) are at each duty station, phone, or email the SLO before you leave to get current information on your child’s next school. 



We hope you have enjoyed your time at Fort Meade!  Now let’s get busy planning your next adventure so we can manage your “Move” and not let the “Move” manage you!

Whether it is your first move or your 9th move, remember to call or visit your ACS Relocation Office for more information on your next duty station and for helpful hints and tips on your move from start to finish!
Family Members are encouraged to attend Levy Briefings!

Website Information
For current information on any military installation visit the official DOD website:
www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil and www.militaryonesource.com  
Plus ask the Relocation Office for their Outbound Website Sheets, lots of information at your fingertips!
Overseas Relocation
Going overseas – how exciting! Sign up for “Moving to Korea, / Germany / Japan / Italy” workshops.  Fun, informal, informative, classes on overseas culture, currency, language and more!  Important Tip: Remember AKO has Rosetta Stone Foreign Languages tutorials for free!
Waiting Families Program
For spouses and families living in the area while their active duty member is stationed away on TDY or a non-accompanied tour.  Stay connected on current military information and enjoy an educational/social event with other waiting families.
Sponsorship Opportunity

Covias Military Living


Sponsorship does not imply DOD, US Army, or Federal Government endorsement.