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Fort Meade
Army Community Service


Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

Address: 830 Chisolm Ave. Fort Meade, MD 20755
Telephone: 301-677-5590
Fax: 301-677-2910
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


What is SFAC

The SFAC provides integrated support services for Warriors in Transition and their Families; conveniently located near the Warrior in Transition Unit.

Programs Offered at SFAC

Therapeutic Bowling

To teach concentration and focus skills along with proper exercise, and life skills.

Music Appreciation Program

Promote culture appreciation and awareness through music: Psycho-education group format, designed to educate WTU soldiers and their family members on the benefits of the Arts. Soldiers and their Family Members will learn about their culture and their history through music.

Stress and Anger Management Class

Classes are geared towards reducing daily stress and anger issues which manifest itself in counter-productive behavior. Classes offered support through group and individual counseling by SFAC Staff and referrals to other professionally staffed programs.

WTU/SFAC Lecture Series Program

WTU Soldiers benefits of knowing and understanding American History and the roles our soldiers have played. Soldiers and their Family Members will be taken on a journey back through time to learn about early pioneer culture and then wisp through the beginning years of Revolutionary War end up on the modern battle fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Class will be taught using multi-media techniques such as lectures, films and tours of actual battle fields and museums. local historians have also been invite to participate as guest lecturers."The Mountain Man", "Revolutionary War", "War of 1812", "Westward Expansion", "The Civil War," "WWI," WWII", "Korean Conflict," "Vietnam Conflict," "1st Gulf War", "Iraq War and the Afghanistan War."

MEB Transition Classes

Nine week course to prepare service member for transition back to Active duty or civilian life: (1) taking care of yourself during time of change (2) Who moved my Cheese!, (3) Risk Reduction, Avoiding High Risk Behavior (4) Healthy Thinking (5) Family Reintegration (6) Education, Your Key to Successful Future (7) Retooling for Jobs in the 21st Century! (8) Employment Seminars / Job Fairs (9) Sound Financial Management.

WTU/MRT Transition Weekly Groups: Resiliency Tranining

Preparing Service Members for Transitions: (1) Building Character Strengths, (2) ATC - Activating, Thoughts, and Consequences, (3) Avoiding Thinking Traps, (4) Detect Icebergs, (5) Energy Management, (6) Problem Solving, (7) Putting it into Perspective (PIIP), (8) Real time Resiliency.

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