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***Dump Your Plump!***

MWR’s Gaffney Fitness Center is hosting a fun way to lose those extra holiday pounds!

pdf Dump Your Plump Rules & Information

***Attention Gaffney Fitness Center Aerobics Patrons***
The Aerobics Program offered at Gaffney Fitness Center has been cancelled until further notice. We are sorry for this inconvenience and will work to offer new aerobics classes in the near future. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.


  • All Army Sports Program
    - click more info to learn more about the program.  more info

  • Free Mixed Martial Arts Classes for adults -
    Gaffney Fitness Centers hosts a free mixed martial arts class every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 10 am.. The instructors are certified and teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. Class is held in the combatives room. Participants are encouraged to bring gloves if they have them.

  • Personal Training at Gaffney Fitness Center -
    Looking for a new way to kick off the new year to reach your fitness goals?
    Gaffney Fitness Center is now offering a personal training program. Those interested must be able to show a proper ID to use the facility. Both individual or couple sessions (2 people) are being offered at the following prices:

    • Micro-Fit Assessment - $40.
      Individual Personal Training
      One Session - $60
      Six Sessions - $320.
      Eight Sessions - $400.
      Twelve sessions - $600.
      Two Person Training
      One Session - $100.
      Six Sessions - $580.
    • pdf Click here for more information about Personal Training and Classes at Gaffney Fitness Center.

    Please contact Gaffney Fitness Center for more information and to learn how to schedule sessions with your new personal trainer.

    • No classes are held on federal holidays.
    • Participants must have a valid military ID card/MWR Card
    • For more information call 301-677-3724

    Active duty male personnel who are interested in playing any Varsity Level Sports should call 301.677.2634, or stop by the MWR Sports Office located inside of Bleg.6330 (Gaffney Fitness Center).

    Female personnel who is Active duty, Reservist, National Guard, DOD Civilian or Family member, interested in playing any Varsity Level Sports, please call 301-677-2634.


    Quick Scores: All of the latest Fort Meade Sports Information


    Dress code:

    Open toed footwear, boots, dress shoes, jeans, dress slacks, skirts, dresses, unsafe or offensive attire are strictly prohibited.

    Athletic attire appropriate to the activity is mandated to ensure the safety, personal hygiene and protection of customers and property.

    Shirt, shorts/pants, and shoes are required at all times while working out in the fitness centers (except pool).

    ACU’s/BDU’s are allowed to be worn in the weight room only for Active Duty Soldiers.


    Open to all eligible DoD ID card patrons--active duty, immediate family members, reservists, retirees, and civilians, and contractors. 100% ID cards is required (Exception Active Duty in uniform). Authorized children and guests must have proof of ID/age to enter the facility. Civilians and contractors that do not have a DOD ID card must obtain an MWR card that is issued at Gaffney Fitness Center (see admin hours) before authorized to use the fitness centers.

    Facility Policy:

    Racquetball Courts
    • Participants are required to wear OSHA approved eye protection at all times during play.
    • Footwear worn outdoors is prohibited on the basketball courts and the indoor racquetball courts.
    Weight Room
    • Towels are required for use on benches and machines.
    • Use weight collars at all times.
    • Gym bags are not authorized in the cardio / weight room.
    Cardio Room
    • Limit workout to 30 minutes per machine, per person.
    • Wipe down the machine after each use.

    Guest policy:

    Active duty, retirees and their spouses 18 & over may sponsor 2 guests (13 & over) per visit. Guests must show a valid ID or proof of age to enter the facility. You must stay with your guests at all times while in the facility.
    Dependents, civilians, contractors assigned to FT Meade and their family members, are not allowed to sign in guests.


    Authorized children ages 13-17 may use the fitness center with an authorized adult/patron. Children must have an ID or document with proof of age to enter the facility. The adult must be with the adolescent at all times. Children under 13 are only allowed in the pool area and must be with an adult at all times to lap swim. Children are also allowed during recreational swim but must also be directly supervised by an adult while in the pool.

    If children are present during intramural games, they must be supervised by an authorized adult who is not participating in the activity.

    Food and Beverage:

    NO food is allowed inside the facility. ONLY water is allowed during workouts and intramurals.

  • Plastic sports bottles with a non-spill, snap close drinking spout (biking water bottles) may be filled with WATER ONLY and used inside the facility.
  • All other beverage containers and food items are restricted to the lobby or outside.
  • Security

    It is the patron’s responsibility to secure their valuables while utilizing Gaffney Fitness center and Murphy Field House. MWR will not be held responsible for patrons’ property. Please bring your own lock for lockers. Staff may not safe guard personal property.

    Inappropriate Behavior

    Use of foul language (cursing), yelling, fighting or heated arguments will not be tolerated at anytime for any reason. Gaffney / Murphy staff will handle inappropriate behavior in accordance with Standards of Operation Procedures.