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Automotive Skills Center


Automotive Skills Center Information and Price List Flyer
pdf Center Information and Price List

The Automotive Crafts Center has 24 open bays, hydraulic lifts, "state of the art" tools and equipment for use on all domestic and foreign vehicles.
We provide a safe clean and earth friendly environment, technical assistance, tools and equipment for patrons to make repairs and maintenance on privately owned vehicles and equipment. You do the work, we ensure industry standards are met. We have 3 qualified employees and volunteers to guide you through repairs.

Safety Rules and Regulations

pdf Updated rules and regulations

Expert Services Available:

  • Complete on and off the car starting and charging
  • Systems diagnostics and testing
  • Computer scanning of 1980-2012 vehicles
  • Brake Lathe
  • Tire Change equipment
  • Precision computer wheel balancing
  • Air conditioning servicing by qualified specialist
  • Coolant System Service on most vehicles
  • Online vehicle repair library


Universal automotive supplies and fluids are available for purchase.

Fees and Charges

Basic/Usage Fees
Flat Bay Fee $4.00 per hour
Lift Bay Fee $6.00 per hour
Wash Bay $2.50 per hour
Bench fee $2.00 per hour


Heating & Cooling
Coolant Drain & Fill $20 + antifreeze
Air Conditioning Service $35.00 + Freon
Evacuation Only $15.00
Leak check $10.00 + bay fee + freon
Performance testing $10.00 + bay fee + freon


Tires / Wheels
Custom Tire Balancing $ 12.00 each
Truck/Oversize Tire Balancing $ 12.00 each
Standard Wheel Balancing $ 6.00 per wheel
Standard Wheel Mounting  
Steel & Aluminum Wheel $4.00 per tire
Low Profile Tire Mounting $10.00 each
Resurface Rotors & Drums $10.00 each


Extended Parking - Tow Dolly
Vehicle must be removed at the end of ninety days!
Engine $2.50 per day
Vehicle outside $5.00 per day
Vehicle inside $9.00 per day
Long-Term Parking

$70.00 1st month
$80.00 2nd month
$90.00 3rd month
Tow Dolly $6.00 per hour
$35.00 per day
$120.00 per week



Welding / Cutting Equipment

$10.00 per 1/2 hour + bench fee

($10 minimum)


Miscellaneous Fees
Chassis lube $1.50
Computer Scan $12.00 + bay fee
Re-set Emission Light $3.00 + bay fee
Strut Compressor $8.00 + bay fee
Hydraulic Press $3.00 per use
Charging/Battery Test $6.00 + bay fee
Battery Charger $3.00 per use
Hub Bearing Tool Kit $10.00 per use
Pressure Pack Bearings $1.00 per pair
Cut-Off-Tool & Die Grinder $3.00 per use


Wet / Dry Vacuum $1.00 per use
Steam Cleaner $10.00 per 1/2 hr + bay fee
Rental Shop Towels $0.15 each
Hazardous Waste Disposal $1.00 one time user fee


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