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Fort Meade
Better Opportunities for Single Service Members (BOSS)
Location: 8612 6th Armored Lan.
Fort Meade MD 20755
Hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
E-mail: bossfortmeade@gmail.com
POC Phone: 301-677-6868/7785


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New BOSS Office -

New BOSS office is located is USO building, 8612 6th Armored Lan. Come see what you can do; video games, computers, theater room, and snacks.

BOSS Meetings –
The Fort Meade BOSS meets the first and third Tuesday 3-4 p.m. every month at McGill Training Center.
All Fort Meade and NSA single service members are invited. For more information call 301-677-7785.

What is BOSS?

The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) is a dynamic Department of the Army (DA) program that single service members can participate in to enhance their Quality of Life, contribute to their community through Community Service activities, and assist in the planning and execution of their own Recreation and Leisure events.

Quality of Life

We support and strive to increase the overall quality of our single service members' lives. BOSS identifies real quality of life issues and concerns by forwarding issues through the appropriate chain of command or staff agency. Army-wide issues are forwarded to the Army Family Action Plan Conference for possible DA resolution.

Recreation and Leisure

With the help of the Fort Meade MWR BOSS advisor and the Senior Enlisted BOSS Advisor, we encourage and assist single service members in identifying and planning for recreational and leisure activities.

Community Service

We allow members for the opportunity to participate in and contribute to their respective communities by coordinating events with help of Fort Meade MWR and ACS.
For more information on the program, please click the following link: HQDA BOSS

BOSS Meetings & Events

Fort Meade BOSS is scheduled to meet on the
first and third Tuesday from 1500-1600 every month
(excluding holidays) at the McGill Training Center
to discuss and report on the three components of BOSS: Quality of Life, Recreation and Leisure, and Community Service. The Freedom Center lounge area will be the secondary meeting area.

*All BOSS meetings and activities are open to all MWR patrons to include the National Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Foreign Service members and geographical bachelors.



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