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Fort Meade Dog Park

Location: Ernie Pyle, between Youth Center and MacArthur Road.

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Park users & dog owners assume all risk related to park use - Enter at your own risk. By entering this park you agree to assume all duties and relates of liability.

Dog Park Rules:

  • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated with tags displayed on collar.
  • Dogs must enter an exit on a maximum 6 ft leash.
  • No more than two(2) dogs per person allowed.
  • No children under the age of fourteen (14) in fenced area.
  • No animals other than dogs permitted .
  • Dogs must be at least six(6) months old.
  • Dogs in season or displaying signs of illness are prohibited.
  • Dogs must be in sight and under voice control of owner at all times.
  • Dogs showing aggression or playing too rough, must be removed immediately.
  • No food of any kind (human or dog treats) allowed. No glass containers on site.
  • No toys other than tennis balls or flying disc are allowed.
  • Do not allow dogs to dig. Owners will incur expense to fill all holes.
  • Owners much collect and properly dispose of all dog waster.
  • Owners will be responsible for injuries to other people or pets.
  • Any dog with a history of biting is prohibited.

Dog Park rules will be enforced by DES according to FGGM Regulating 40-22, Registration and Control of Animals. Violating posted rules may result in loss of privilege to use dog Park.

All violations of the Dog Park posted rules and dog bites must be reported to Military Police, 301-677-6622.

If you have questions about this facility, call Outdoor Recreation at

pdf Fort Meade Dog Park Rules

pdf Fort Meade Policy Memorandum #74, Dog Park Rules

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