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Outdoor Recreation


***The Outdoor Recreation Center and Leisure Travel Services will be closed on Monday April 13 and Tuesday April 14 for seasonal changeover and training. The facility will reopen on Wednesday April 15 at 0800 for normal operation. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Burba Lake Fishing-
    Burba Lake is open for fishing. All state regulations is in effect. For more information please call 301-677-3810.
  • The Resale Lot (former BOSS lot) has moved to Rock Avenue,
    at the pool parking lot, first 2 rows closest to the Greenhouse. All vehicles currently parked at the Town Center must be moved to the new location immediately. For questions, please call 301-677-3810.
  • Registration for resale lot:
    Fees: $20 for one vehicle or $30 for two vehicles for 30 days. Extension may be granted up to an additional 60 days, based on space availability.
    Availability: Active Duty Military, Retired Military, National Guard, Reservists, U.S. Government employees working on Fort Meade, and their family members.
    Documents needed: Proper identification, current insurance, and proof of being the registered owner of the vehicle.
    Vehicles that may be displayed for sale include automobiles, vans, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles. All vehicles must be less than 24 feet. No RV's, boats, or trailers are allowed to be displayed. Vehicles placed on the lot must be clean and operable.

Camping Equipment

campers, tents, camp stoves, sleeping bags, mats, lanterns, backpacks, car top carriers...

Fishing Equipment

boats, motors, canoes, kayaks...

Party Equipment

tables, chairs, canopies, grills, coolers, ice chests...

Sport Equipment

softball set, gloves, tug-o-war rope, portable volleyball set, footballs, soccer balls...



* Please add extra time for the inspection of items when checking out and being returned. All items are to be returned clean and dry.

* Please try to arrive no later than 4 p.m. when picking up all towable items to give us time to go over the check list and to hook up to vehicles. We do not supply trailer hitches.

*Please make sure you bring help to load and unload items into your vehicle.


Equipment Rental Prices


CAMPING Notes Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee
Aliner Camper  RR 50.00 300.00
Propane Lantern   3.00 18.00
Propane Heater   5.00 30.00
Propane Stoves   5.00 30.00
Backpack with frame   5.00 30.00
Camping Chair    2.00 12.00
Matt/Mattress   1.00 6.00
Sleeping Bag CF-1 2.00 12.00
Camping Tents (2-3 person)    8.00 48.00
Camping Tents (4-5 person)    8.00 48.00
Camping Tents (6-8 person)    12.00 72.00
    Prices are subject to change.

RR:- Reservations are required for all these items
CF-1: An additional 5.00 fee will be applied.






BOATING Notes Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee
14’ Boat with oars RR 15.00 90.00
14’ V-hull & john Boat RR 30.00 180.00
16’ Boat with trailer, 15Hp motor RR 35.00 210.00
Canoe/Kayak RR 15.00 90.00
Canoe Trailer (for +Canoes/Kayaks) RR 8.00 48.00
Boat Motor: Electric RR 6.00 36.00
depth finder RR 5.00 30.00

Oars/Paddles/Life vests:

rented individually
RR 1.00 6.00
Fishing Poles   5.00 30.00
    Prices are subject to change.

RR:- Reservations are required for all these items




PARTY/PICNIC/BANQUET Notes Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee
Canopy/party Tent 20’x30’ RR 100.00 600.00
Canopy/EZ-Up 10’x10’ RR 25.00 150.00
Moon Bounce   RR 185.00 N/A
Dunk Tank RR 45.00 270.00
Super Cooker Grill: Charcoal  RR 36.00 216.00
Portable Charcoal Grill RR 30.00 180.00
Table: 2.5'x8' RR 5.00 30.00
Metal Chair: stacking/folding RR 1.00 6.00
Resin Chair: stacking/folding RR 2.00 12.00
Super Cooler (holds a keg)   10.00 60.00
Ice Cooler: 100 quart   5.00 30.00
Ice Cooler: 18-80 quart   4.00 24.00
Water Coolers:5 gallon   3.00 18.00
Tray, oval, chrome   1.00 6.00
Pie Server   0.50 3.00
Salt& Pepper Shakers   0.50 3.00
Bowls, oval   0.50 3.00
Chafers                  10.00 60.00
    Prices are subject to change.

RR:- reservations are required for all these items




SPORTS Notes Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee

Game Balls: rented individually: Basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, kick/dodge ball

  1.00 6.00
Variety Set:  mesh bag with all ball types   10.00 60.00
Volleyball set: volleyball, net, posts   8.00 48.00
Volleyball & Net   3.00 18.00
Softball Set: 3 bats, 3-4 bases   8.00 48.00
Horseshoe set:  child or adult   3.00 18.00
Tug-of-war Rope   3.00 18.00
Softball gloves/Bats rented individually   1.00 6.00
Frisbee/Hula Hoop rented individually   1.00 6.00

Potato sack Race Sacks

  1.00 6.00
    Prices are subject to change.

Please allow extra time for inspection of items when checking out and returning items.





Adult equipment   Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee

Parabolic Ski Set

  25.00 150.00

Parabolic Skis

  17.00 102.00

Ski Boots

  6.00 36.00

Ski Poles

  4.00 24.00
Snowboard Set   29.00 174.00
Snowboard Boots   6.00 36.00
Youth equipment   Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee

Parabolic Ski Set

  17.00 102.00

Parabolic Skis    

  10.00 60.00

Ski Boots

  3.00 18.00

Ski Poles

  2.00 12.00
    Prices are subject to change without notice.




Miscellaneous Notes Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee
Cargo Trailer RR 25.00 150.00
Car Top Carrier RR 5.00 30.00
Ski Rack                RR 2.00 12.00
    Prices are subject to change.


Policy Notes

We charge for time out- not time used

Day= 24 hours

Week= 7 days



Reservation Policy

To guarantee a reservation, full payment is required no more than 24 hours after a tentative reservation is made. Tentative reservations can be made over the phone, but patrons must report in person to make payment and complete paperwork to ensure their reservation. This fee is non-refundable unless notice is given 14 days prior to event. Thereafter, a patron will receive a credit voucher redeemable at Outdoor Rec., valid for one year. A 10.00 administrative fee will be charged for all cancellations.

Sponsorship does not imply DOD, US Army, or Federal Government endorsement.